Emergency Ratification Meeting

Concord Education Association

Emergency Meeting

Thursday, May 28

Concord High School Auditorium

4:10 p.m.

Join us on Thursday, May 28 to vote on a proposed three-year contract. A ratification vote will take place at the end of the meeting. Come hear the details, ask questions, comment on the contract and vote.

The negotiation team has worked tirelessly the past year to reach a fair and equitable contract solution. This is a very important meeting. Some of the contents of the proposal contain items that will impact some members more than others. It is imperative that every member understands and appreciates every aspect of their collective bargaining agreement and any proposed changes. As we stated earlier, your team has volunteered a considerable amount of their personal and family time to negotiate on your behalf. Now it is time for you to show your support and respect for the process. On Thursday, May 28 many of you have scheduled building level meeting. Chris Rath has agreed to notify administrators that you will be allowed to miss these meetings. RMS teachers can leave before the 20-minutes after the school day. Please try and be prompt. We look forward to presenting the details to you.

Your negotiation team includes:

Charlie Swift – Concord High School

Kim Bleier – Concord High School

Sandy Metevier – Abbot Downing School

Jeremy Duclos – Concord High School

Paul Bourassa – Christa McAuliffe School

Mike Macri – Broken Ground School

Laurie Haney- Rundlett Middle School

Dan Magarian- Retired Teacher

We are continuing the Ground Rules. No public statements will be made until after the meeting on May 28th.